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Hire a Personal Trainer

If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer, click the link below to fill out an intake form. After you submit the webform, our program assistant will match you with a trainer and you will be contacted to set up a free intake meeting. Once you meet with a trainer, you will be instructed on how to purchase sessions from there.

Body Composition

Body composition analysis breaks down the percentage of body weight by estimating both fat mass & fat-free mass. The Bod Pod uses measurements of body volume and mass to precisely calculate amounts of fat and fat-free mass. The Bod Pod assessment will allow you to:

  • Accurately measure body fat percentage — a key metric of overall health and fitness
  • Track changes in fat mass and fat-free mass over time
  • Calculate resting metabolic rate as well as total calories burned per day at different levels of physical activity
Inbody Prices
Students, Faculty & Staff


Bod Pod Prices
Students, Faculty & Staff

Online Training‌

New online virtual training! Personalized workout plans for your goals set by a personal trainer. This unique offer allows for you to have workouts designed just for you to do in the comfort of your own home. This is a safe opportunity for you to stay active without investing in going to the gym. The virtual consultations will allow you to check in, set goals and track progress. Online training allows for more flexibility when you choose to workout. Fill out intake form for more information.


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  • Free - Pre-Training Information Meeting
  • Clarify Personal Training Program
  • Fitness Appraisal Questionnaire
  • Identify and Discuss Individual Goals
  • Identify Health Risks
  • Program Registration
  • Answer Questions and Concerns
  • Health History Questionnaire

5 sessions with 2 virtual consultations $100
10 sessions with 3 virtual consultations $150
15 sessions with 4 virtual consultations $225
20 sessions with 5 virtual consultations $300


Powerlifting Competition

The annual Powerlifting Competition, hosted by the UNI Fitness department, is open to all UNI students, faculty, staff and the Cedar Valley community. It is great for the beginner weight lifter who is learning about competitions, with lots of prizes available! It will include max lifts for squat, bench press and deadlift; weight classes TBD based on registrants. For more information, contact Max Wingert ad

To register, click the link below. From there, click the "Certifications" tab. You will then be able to find the competition under "Personal Training".

UNI Personal Training Class


‌Personal Training Class Registration

Individual Packages

Group Packages

Prices based on per person. Group sizes 2 to 4 people.