There are many benefits to training with a partner. Accountability to another person to work out on days you would rather not, as well as the encouragement we offer each other to do that last set of reps or lift more weight! It also provides an opportunity to socialize that is healthy- as opposed to lunching or indulging in coffee and a pastry :)

- UNI Staff

Working out has never been something I look forward to but when my sister-in-law and I decided to work out we knew we needed someone who could show us the right way to do the exercises and help motivate us to workout harder than we would on our own. Sharing a trainer was exactly what we needed and we learned so much from our trainer and stuck with it because it was so much more fun working out together!

- UNI Alumni

Having a personal trainer has given me the confidence to exercise and become a healthier person. My trainer has taught me to use the machines safely and always has a routine that keeps me interested. I have gradually increased my cardio ability and muscle strength. My trainer is very encouraging and positive and has helped me feel better about myself. I look forward to meeting at the WRC.

- Personal Training Client

I have trained with a personal trainer at UNI for awhile. Within the first 4 months of training, I had lost 40 pounds and reached by body weight goals. I found it critical for me to have a trainer to keep me accountable and to put in the necessary work for me to achieve my personal goals. The workouts are varied and have kept my interest level up. I am currently in the best shape of my life. I have increased my endurance to the point where I am going to run a 5k this summer and hope to finish in the top 25%, something that would not have been possible without the UNI program and the dedication of my trainer. I feel fortunate to have found out about this program and would highly recommend it to anyone, who like me, needs someone to help them through the tough process of truly getting in shape and sticking to it.

- UNI Alumni

Personal trainers provide appropriate workouts tailored for the individual client's needs and preferences. They add variety, and they offer much-needed encouragement, which provides excellent motivation to maintain a consistent exercise regime.

- Faculty

For all you folks out there who are not particularly athletically inclined but would like to work out and have some fun doing it, let me recommend a UNI personal trainer. They are personable, pleasant, and a delight to work with. They construct a program tailor-made for you. I've worked out with UNI trainers for many years...never been disappointed. These young people are affable, encouraging, and professional. I work out with my trainer twice a week. It is a small investment in time and money to make a difference in your life. It really has in mine.

- Faculty

I heartily endorse the personal training program at UNI for anyone who would like to bring better focus and new energy to their health and fitness endeavors.

- Staff