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Group Fitness Classes

Free week August 28th - September 1st
No classes will be offered on Labor Day (September 4th) or during Thanksgiving Break (November 20-24)
If there are any questions, please contact


Breathe & Flow Yoga (50 min)

It's time to understand and appreciate just how amazing your body really is! This vinyasa yoga flow will leave you feeling simultaneously relaxed and reinvigorated. Prepare to develop your own yogic practice and connect deeply with your body and breath through a fluid and engaging sequence.

Cardio HIIT (50 mins)

Torch maximum calories in a minimum amount of time! The instructor will lead the class in short periods of all-out work, followed by short periods of active rest. Take basic moves and make them bigger, faster and stronger using your body weight and a variety of fitness equipment.

Fighter Body (50 mins)

This dynamic and explosive class incorporates boxing techniques with jump roping, ring movements, and core conditioning. Don’t settle for a Fit Body, get a Fighter Body!

H2O Fit (50 mins)

This invigorating class improves your cardio endurance and muscular strength using the buoyancy and resistance of the water.

Cycle Circuit (30 mins)

Experience a full ride of hills, sprints, and endurance intervals as well as some cardio and strength work off the bike. All of that combined with energizing music and a motivating instructor makes for one of the best classes we have to offer. Come sweat with us!

Butts and Guts (30 mins)

A super thorough, super effective, lower body solution. If you’re looking to slim your hips, tighten your butt and engage your abs this class is it. The instructor will lead you through a great variety of exercises, effectively sequenced - to keep the fat burning and the muscles screaming.

Women in Weights (50 min)

Do you find the weight room to be intimidating? Join our class taught by women for women that will have your muscles burning by the end. Our instructors will teach proper form and provide a total body, strength building class for all abilities. Come learn how to lift in a supportive, stress-free environment while empowering the women around you! (Designed for women but all are welcome!)

Empowerment Yoga (60 min)

Join in for this barefoot, bodyweight, cardio-sculpt format based on functional drills and postures. With dedication, you can expect to build muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and neuro-muscular connection through a specific sequence which will allow you to harness and embody your own unique & empowered practice.

Sunrise Vinyasa Flow (50 min)

Start your day well with this early morning flow! Vinyasa yoga will help you connect with your body and breath through a fluid sequence of moves. This will leave you feeling relaxed, reinvigorated, and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way!

Fitness Certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons consist of a small personalized class for persons of all abilities who want to learn basic swimming skills or who wish to perfect their strokes. This class also offers a good environment for students preparing their swimming skills for a lifeguarding or water safety instructor course. All lessons are from 6:30 p.m.-7:15 p.m. in the leisure pool.

UNI Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni
Non UNI Students/ Community