Sport Clubs

About UNI Sport Clubs

UNI Sport Clubs are co-ed, competitive student-led organizations designed to be an athletic alternative that bridges the gap between the existing UNI Intramural program and UNI Intercollegiate Athletic programs.

With the support of a UNI Recreation Service professional staff member, student volunteers govern, organize and coordinate the sport clubs. Through participation in UNI Sport Clubs, students gain experience in the areas of group organization, problem-solving, budgeting, time management and nonprofit governance.

The time, effort and commitment of these students not only enrich their sport clubs but also allow each sport club to represent the University of Northern Iowa across the state and the nation.

Purpose of UNI Sport Clubs

  • To provide UNI students who have a common sport or physical activity interest an opportunity to participate.
  • To provide UNI students with co-curricular leadership opportunities through the formation, governance, and participation in Sport Club activities.
  • To provide UNI students an opportunity to further their skills, experience competitive events, and enjoy social interactions.

UNI Sport Club Funding

Each sport club at UNI is responsible for raising funds on their own and the club can do this a number of different ways; such as membership dues, club fundraisers, community outreach services, local sponsorships, personal donations or agency donations, and/or requesting UNI Student Activities Fee Moneys through UNI Wellness & Recreation Services (RS) or Northern Iowan Student Government (NISG).


Join a Club

Participation in UNI Sport Club is open to all students of the University of Northern Iowa. No minimum GPA or athletic skill level is required for participation. UNI faculty and staff can participate in sport clubs with limited eligibility requirements (please see Section H - Eligibility in the UNI Sport Club Handbook).

Click on our Current Sports Clubs tab to see the list of current sport clubs with links to their websites or Facebook page. If you are interested in joining an already established club, please fill out the form.

Start A Club

Any student may form a new sport club if there is sufficient student interest/participation in the sport or physical activity. There are several factors to take into consideration when forming a new sport club such as gaining interest, start-up costs, practice location, etc. A sport club must have student officers and a UNI faculty/staff member as an adviser.

You may begin the process of starting a new club by submitting a UNI Sport Club Creater Form and setting up a meeting with the UNI Sport Club coordinator.

Sport Clubs FAQs