Paddling Panthers

Paddling Panthers swim lessons include all levels of the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program. Lessons are taught by American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors. All participants in this program will be assessed on the first day of class to ensure proper class level enrollment. 

Our swim lesson program is available to family members of UNI students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our swim lesson program is not open to the general public.

Important Registration Reminders

Registration Information

We recommend registering right away if you have specific preferences or schedule constraints.

Questions about levels or clarifications?

Ask us now! That way you can get into the correct level right away. You must be a parent or guardian of the children you enroll. This is for liability purposes.

Registering with Fusion

Recreation Services implemented a new software system last fall for registration. This has been a work in progress and will continue to be. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the process of transitioning to a new registration system this past year. 

That being said, please make sure you are able to successfully get into your account BEFORE the morning of registration. If you are an alumni and graduated prior to 2008, you will need to do some additional steps that would be helpful to do couple days before registration to make sure you can get into your account efficiently and smoothly. 

Age Restrictions

If the age restriction appears on the child the system is tracking the age the child currently is and not the age the child will be at the start of the session. Even if the child will be the correct age at the start of the session, the system is reading the current age you put in the system. To go around this, you will need to adjust the age for the registration and change it after the child is registered. We wish we could change this!


Paddling Panther swimming lesson in WRC on UNI Campus
Paddling Panther swimming lesson in WRC on UNI Campus

Session Information

Session Options

  • Session dates and times are as follows: Sessions are comprised of eight lessons each. Parent/Child and Preschool are 30 minutes in length, Levels 1-6 are 40 minutes in length.​

Paddling Panthers Lesson Fees

  • UNI Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni & WRC paid users: One child: $70 per session

Paddling Panthers Level Information

If lightning is detected within an eight-mile radius of the Wellness/Recreation Center (WRC) the Recreation Services professional staff, student facility manager or Welcome Desk supervisor will inform persons in the pool areas (e.g., the lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, aquatic supervisors, swim lesson parents/guardians, swim lesson patrons and group fitness aquatic class participants/instructor). Once pool patrons have been informed of the lightning situation, they will have the option of leaving the pool(s) or to continue to swim at their own risk. If patrons choose to leave the pool, they should not use showers or land line telephones, and lifeguards will be trained to provide this information to patrons, as appropriate.

If a severe weather warning is received from the UNI Police or another reliable weather source indicating a severe thunderstorm/tornado is present in the area and patrons should take cover, WRC patrons will be evacuated to a safe zone(s). The lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, aquatic supervisor and/or group fitness class instructor will instruct patrons to leave the pool and take shelter in the pool locker rooms. Once an all clear is received patrons will be allowed to return to the pool(s).

You may choose to call the WRC prior to driving to the building if you are coming for swimming lessons. Please call the main welcome desk at 319-273-2413 for information concerning lessons and severe weather closures. Unless there is a severe weather warning, we will stay open for swimming lessons!

Paddling Panthers FAQs