• Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Points & Awards

Point Competition

The Intramural Program uses a structured point system to encourage group participation by fraternities only.


Teams representing all social fraternities which are recognized by the University of Northern Iowa are eligible for participation.

Both residence hall and off campus students may participate in intramural activities with teams representing their respective social fraternities. Students participating with such organizational teams must be active members and pledges. Social affiliates and inactive members may not participate with fraternity teams.


Teams representing non-sport clubs which are recognized by the University of Northern Iowa are eligible for participation.

Off Campus

Organization Roster Limit: There is a roster maximum of 85 participants per fraternity teams. A roster/membership list needs to be filed with the Intramural Office. The roster is open ended; names may be added or deleted prior to an activity. Organizational rosters may be submitted electronically to the Intramural Coordinator.

Non-Point Competition

Intramural competition is established on a non-point basis to provide an opportunity to participate regardless of housing affiliation.

  1. Overview
    • Activities such as softball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer, racquetball, tennis, free throws, hot shot, three-point, badminton, and table tennis offer challenging opportunities for co-recreational participation.
  2. Rules/Modifications
    • Current rules with intramural modifications apply for each sport. Male/female competition will be governed by the following:
      • An equal number of men and women must play in each sport.
      • A team playing short a person is allowed to play with an uneven number of men and women.
Tournaments and Leagues

Open tournaments are available to all students, faculty and staff. A per team fee is charged for open tournaments.


Team Awards

Intramural Champion t-shirts are presented to the team which wins the All-University Championship in each of the team sports. In sports that play with more than one Classification, A, B, and C league champions will receive t-shirt awards. One must be play-off eligible to qualify for a t-shirt.

Individual Awards

In individual activities, winners receive t-shirts, but only one shirt is awarded per sport. The t-shirt also is awarded to Intramural Champions in singles and doubles sports, but only one shirt is awarded per sport.

All-University Champions

The All-University Championship plaques and t-shirts are presented to the fraternity organizations which earn the greatest number of points (via the point system) throughout the year. The plaques become the permanent possession of the winning fraternity.