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Trips, Clinics, & Events

Adventure Trips

UNI Outdoors Adventure Trips offers a variety of trips ranging from single day outings, overnight weekend trips, and extended 10 day trips during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. Adventure Trips can provide individuals with a truly unique experience that is awe-inspiring and reflective. Locations of trips vary from semester to semester, but some of our favorites are paddling trips to Minnesota, rock climbing trips to Kentucky, and backpacking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for an Adventure Trip? Simply stop by the UNI Outdoors Office (WRC 174) and our friendly student staff members will sign you up! During this time they will ask you a few questions and give you important information regarding the Adventure Trip.

      **NOTE: Adventure Trips can only be signed up in person**

Do I need to have any of my own gear to join an Adventure Trip? Nope! UNI Outdoors provides all equipment needed for the adventure. The only items you are required to bring are food and clothing.

Do I need to have outdoor recreation experience to join an Adventure Trip? No experience is required to join an Adventure Trip! Our trained Trip Coordinators will be on every trip to guide you and teach you all skills needed for the adventure. Just be sure you bring an adventurous spirit!!

How do I get prepared for a trip? Before every trip the Trip Coordinators will host a pre-trip meeting. During this pre-trip meeting you will meet other students attending the trip, understand the full itinerary for the outing, and learn how to prepare for your adventure (clothing, food, gear). Pre-trip meetings are crucial to being prepared for an Adventure Trip.

How much do Adventure Trips cost? Adventure Trip cost varies from trip to trip and we understand one time payments may be expensive for some students. If students are unable to pay in a one time payment, we have options to pay in multiple payments prior to the trip start date.

Adventure Trips Offerings


UNI Outdoors Clinics offers a variety of educational workshops ranging from belay clinics to canoe clinics! Clinic offerings vary from semester to semester and are available to students, faculty, and community members. Current clinic offerings can be found below.

Interested in learning how to belay? Sign up for one of our belay clinics! We will teach you how to properly belay, tie knots, and use other safety equipment at the Climbing Wall. We offer both top rope belay clinics and lead belay clinics.

Interested in clinics not currently offered? We can accommodate personalized clinics such as canoe clinics, log rolling clinics, kayak rolling clinics, and MORE! Contact our office by phone or email for pricing. Personalized clinics MUST have a minimum number of 4 people.

Clinic Offerings

Climbing Competitions

UNI Outdoors hosts annual climbing competitions for all levels of climbers! Whether you are a beginner or advanced climber, our climbing competitions offers a fun experience for everyone! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

Competition Offerings