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About UNI Sport Clubs

UNI Sport Clubs are co-ed, competitive student-led organizations designed to be an athletic alternative that bridges the gap between the existing UNI Intramural program and UNI Intercollegiate Athletic programs.

With the support of a UNI Recreation Service professional staff member, student volunteers govern, organize, and coordinate the sport clubs. Through participation in UNI Sport Clubs, students gain experience in the areas of group organization, problem-solving, budgeting, time management, and non-profit governance.

The time, effort, and commitment of these students not only enrich their sport clubs but also allow each sport club to represent the University of Northern Iowa across the state and the nation.

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Sport Club Directory



Club Contact: Tucker Barrett


Club Contact: Zack Pregler


Club Contact: Colin Johnson


Club Contact: Kyle Spurgeon


Club Contact: Jared Riter

Disc Golf


Club Contact: Corey Mack


Club Contact: Luke Bartlett

Men's Rugby

Club Contact: John Schwarte

Men's Soccer

Club Contact: Michael Adam

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

Club Contact: Nate Rondeau

Men's Volleyball

Club Contact: Tyler Goedken

Panther Pacers Running

Club Contact: Madi Flesch

Ski & Snowboard

Club Contact: Jacob Mentz


Tae Kwon-Do

Club Contact: Nicholas Chell


Club Contact: Mitchell Steffensmeier


Club Contact: Todd Bulver

Women's Rugby

Club Contact: Kayla Dustin

Women's Soccer

Club Contact: Brittney England

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Club Contact: Erin Kaiser

Women’s Volleyball

Club Contact: Madison Baack