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Recreation Services

Aquatics certification training
Sport club rugby
Youth camp playing basketball
Student worker
Tae Kwon-Do
Personal training indoor track
Fitness aerobics class
Outdoor recreation hiking trip
Intramural dodgeball
Intramural basketball
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Belaying a rock climber
Aquatics paddling panthers

Fitness & Leisure Classes

Fit Class Pass

Pay one fee and attend any class! Please bring a towel and clean non-marking shoes to fitness classes. You may pay by U-Bill, payroll deduct, credit card, or cash.

Classes begin May 15th and go through July 28th. Register online or in WRC 101. Registration begins May 5th.


Students: $35 | Employees: $40 | Alumni/Affiliate: $45

*All users must present their UNI ID each time they visit the WRC
*WRC Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday-Friday
*No classes: May 29th and July 4th
*WRC Shutdown: July 29th – August 13th

Fitness Classes

Cycle Blast — 50 mins

It’s all about the bike! Experience a ride full of hills, sprints, and endurance intervals with energizing music and a motivating instructor. This is a great class for a low-impact workout, and the intensity can be adjusted to meet your fitness level. Bring a towel and water bottle.

Time Room
6:10am - MW
WRC 85
5:10pm - TTH
WRC 85

Jazzercise — 50 mins

Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping, body-blasting fitness program that gets you It’s a high intensity dance party that fuses cardio, strength, Pilates, hip hop, yoga and kickboxing. Burn up to 800 calories per hour in our classes. Join us to experience the new Jazzercise!

Time Room
5:15pm - MW
WRC 87

INSANITY™ — 50 mins

Let go of your limits! This isn't your ordinary cardio-conditioning class. This thrilling workout provides the support and group motivation to challenge you to work toward your highest potential and unleash your inner athlete, no matter where you're starting from. Instructors are INSANITY™ certified by Beach Body Inc. and are ready to bring this fun class to you! Dig deep!

Time Room
12:05pm - TTH
WRC 87

Kickboxing — 50 mins

Check out our new Box-Master Tower Systems. Kickboxing is an addictive workout combining shadow boxing, kickboxing, sports drills, and sparring in a party atmosphere. This is an interval-based workout for full-body toning! For all levels, this class is fun, exciting, and empowering.
This class begins June 5th

Time Room
9:00am - MW
WRC 87

Zumba — 50 mins

Bring your energy and dance away your worries. Zumba® uses unique Latin-based moves and combinations that allow you to add spice and flair to your complete body workout! No dance experience required.

Time Room
5:10pm - Tuesday's Only
WRC 87

Water Classes

Hydro-Fit — 50 mins

This class is a great calorie-burning, cardiovascular workout with the added bonus of moving in water and having low impact on joints.

Time Room
12:10pm - MW
Leisure Pool

Strength & Toning Classes

Circuit Strength Xpress — 45 mins

This class will increase muscle definition and strength by using the machines and free weights in the WRC Fitness area. Your instructor will target every major muscle group while coaching individuals on proper form and execution. Come over your lunch hour and complete your workout in only 45 minutes.
This class begins June 6th

Time Room
12:10pm - TTH
WRC Fitness Area East

TRX Strong (Total Body Resistance) — 50 mins

Utilizing the TRX®-Suspension Trainer and your own body weight, this class will rapidly increase your strength, progressing through total body resistance training to sculpt, shape, and build up your muscles. Great for beginners and those who like a challenge!

Time Room
12:05pm - MW
WRC 85

Mind & Body Classes

Yoga Synergy — 50 mins

A deep, restorative approach to the practice of yoga. This class offers strengthening, flowing poses linked to your breathing to release stress and tension throughout the entire body. You will leave feeling more energized, motivated, and serene.

Time Room
12:05pm - MW
WRC 176
5:10pm - TTH
WRC 176

For more Information

Contact Instructional Fitness and Personal Training Coordinator Dana Foster at (319) 273-5859 or

If there is an accommodation you need in order to participate in a Recreation Services program or activity, please contact WRC 101 at (319) 273-6275.


If there is an accommodation you need in order to participate in a RS program or activity, please contact WRC 101 at (319) 273-6275.


Human Dignity

We believe that all people, regardless of their differences, should treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. Diversity and individual rights will be honored and respected.