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Recreation Services

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Sport club rugby
Youth camp playing basketball
Student worker
Tae Kwon-Do
Personal training indoor track
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Outdoor recreation hiking trip
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Personal training rowing machine
Belaying a rock climber
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Adventure Trip Schedule

Fall 2017 Trip Schedule

Date Pre-Trip Meeting Trip Type Location Cost (Student)
Sept. 14 - 17
Sept. 6 at 5pm
St. Croix River, MN
Sept. 23
Maquoketa, IA
Sept. 22 - 24
Sept. 18 at 5pm
Blue Mounds State Park, MN
Sept. 28 - Oct. 1
Sept. 20 at 5pm
Clear Creek, CO
Sept. 30
Maquoketa River, Maquoketa Caves State Park
Oct. 12 - 15
Oct. 4 at 5pm
Pictured Rocks, MI
Oct. 19 - 22
Oct. 11 at 5pm
Badlands National Park, SD
Oct. 20 - 22
Oct. 16 at 5pm
Interstate State Park, MN
Oct. 28 - 29
Oct. 23 at 5pm
Yellow River State Forrest, IA
Nov. 17 - 26
Nov. 6 at 5pm
Grand Canyon, AZ
Nov. 17 - 26
Nov. 7 at 5pm
Florida & Georgia
Jan. 27 – 28, 2018
Cedar Falls, IA

Skills Clinics

Date Clinic Type Location Cost
By appointment
WRC 174
Every Monday (Nov & Dec)
WRC Lap Pool
By Appointment, Tuesday of every month
WRC 174
2nd & 4th Mon. of every month;
1st & 3rd Tues. of every month
WRC 174

Trip Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your registration for any reason, it must be done before the close of business (5:00pm) on the date of the pre-trip in order to receive a 50% refund. Cancellations after the pre-trip meeting will result in the forfeiture of all fees. As we are adventurers, our trips and clinics usually take place rain or shine. However, if the situation warrants it due to unsafe conditions, we reserve the right to cancel a trip/clinic at any time. Additionally, UNI Outdoors reserves the right to remove or alter program itinerary items due to unforeseen circumstances.

Adventure Trips

Canoe and Kayak: St Croix River

Location: St. Croix River, MN
Date: Sept. 14 - 17
Pre-trip Meeting: Sept. 6 at 5pm
Student: $80 | University: $90 | Guest: $110

Enjoy a weekend of paddling as we head north into Minnesota to the St. Croix River. The St. Croix National Scenic River offers clean water that glides and rushes through a forested landscape and past historic towns. Come join UNI Outdoors as we journey down this beautiful river. No experience necessary.

Caving: Maquoketa

Location: Maquoketa, IA
Date: Sept. 23
Student: $30 | University: $35 | Guest: $45

During this day trip opportunity we will explore the underworld of Maquoketa Caves. Located in the eastern part of the state, Maquoketa Caves is perfect for those who are looking for a good introduction to spelunking or for those who simply have a thirst for adventure.

Women’s Climbing: Blue Mounds

Location: Blue Mounds State Park, MN
Date: Sept. 22 - 24
Pre-trip Meeting: Sept. 18 at 5pm
Student: $80 | University: $90 | Guest: $110

It is not only ladies night, it’s ladies weekend! Spend the weekend climbing at Minnesota’s secluded Blue Mounds State Park. Rising 100 feet out of the plains, the mystical cliffs of Blue Mounds State Park offers challenging routes for all climbing abilities. Come join UNI Outdoors as we journey to a climbing venue considered by some to be the hidden gem of Minnesota.

Climbing: Clear Creek Canyon Colorado

Location: Clear Creek, CO
Date: Sept. 28 - Oct. 1
Pre-trip Meeting: Sept. 20 at 5pm
Student: $130 | University: $145 | Guest: $160

Join UNI Outdoors as we head out west where the canyons of Clear Creek offer a wealth of premier sport climbs and spectacular views. Towering pines and roaring whitewater line the canyon corridors making the scenery just as amazing as the climbing. Join us on this high altitude adventure as we explore the beautiful gneiss and schist cliffs of Colorado. All skill levels welcome; enthusiasm required! *Thursday 1pm departure

Veteran’s Adventure

Location: Maquoketa River, Maquoketa Caves State Park
Date: Sept. 30
Veteran: $30 | Veteran + 1 guest: $45

Veterans, come and spend the day with us as we head to a local Iowa gem. You and a guest can spend the day with us as we honor your service with what we do best! We’ll begin our day with a morning paddle on the Maquoketa River followed by an afternoon at Maquoketa Caves State Park where we will spend the day caving and exploring. 7am – 8pm, all participants must be 18 or older. Limit 9

Backpacking: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Location: Pictured Rocks, MI
Date: Oct. 12 - 15
Pre-trip Meeting: Oct. 4 at 5pm
Student: $130 | University: $145 | Guest: $160

Sandstone cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, and shorelines beckon you to visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The lakeshore hugs the Lake Superior shoreline and rewards hikers with exhilarating views and opportunities for personal challenge. Lake Superior is the largest, deepest, coldest, and most pristine of all the Great Lakes. All skill levels welcome. *Thursday afternoon departure

Hiking: Badlands National Park

Location: Badlands National Park, SD
Date: Oct. 19 - 22
Pre-trip Meeting: Oct. 11 at 5pm
Student: $130 | University: $145 | Guest: $160

Join UNI Outdoors as we spend a long weekend in South Dakota’s Badlands National Park! The Badlands rugged beauty draws visitors from around the world and should not be missed. During this adventure we will spend our nights at one of the national park campgrounds and our days exploring many of the unique day hiking opportunities. Time permitting we might even visit the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. All skill levels welcome! *Thursday afternoon departure

Climbing: Taylors Falls

Location: Interstate State Park, MN
Date: Oct. 20 - 22
Pre-trip Meeting: Oct. 16 at 5pm
Student: $75 | University: $85 | Guest: $100

Spend the weekend climbing cliffs that rise from the St. Croix River Valley in Interstate Park. In addition to its climbing, the park also features ten different exposed lava flows and a blossoming forest. Take a break from climbing to hike the trails and explore the glacial potholes that make this park unique. All skill levels welcome! *Friday afternoon departure

Backpacking: Yellow River State Forest

Location: Yellow River State Forrest, IA
Date: Oct. 28 - 29
Pre-trip Meeting: Oct. 23 at 5pm
Student: $45 | University: $50 | Guest: $60

Take an introductory backpacking trip, Iowa style! Come enjoy the beautiful fall colors with this adventurous outdoor skills excursion. This trip is great for beginners, as the terrain is moderate. No experience is necessary.

Backpacking: Grand Canyon National Park

Location: Grand Canyon, AZ
Date: Nov. 17 - 26
Pre-trip Meeting: Nov. 6 at 5pm
Student: $600 | University: $650 | Guest: $700

Explore one of the natural wonders of the world by spending 3 nights & 4 days in spectacular Grand Canyon National Park. We will backpack deep into the Colorado River Gorge during this Thanksgiving Break Adventure and see some great sights along the way. Fitness level should be good for this adventure, No experience necessary, but an adventuresome spirit required.

Southeastern Adventure: Cumberland Island National Seashore

Location: Florida & Georgia
Date: Nov. 17 - 26
Pre-trip Meeting: Nov. 7 at 5pm
Student: $600 | University: $625 | Guest: $700

Join UNI Outdoors this Thanksgiving break as we delve deep into the heart of America’s last wilderness swamp. We will spend 2 nights and 3 days canoeing Georgia’s great Okefenokee Swamp, encountering stands of towering Cypress trees, lily pad covered lakes and even a few alligators! Once we exit our watery wilderness, it’s off to the beautiful Georgia coast to Cumberland National Seashore. We will spend an additional 2 nights and 3 days hiking around the beautifully green trails of Cumberland Island. The trip is topped off with a night spent around a campfire next to the Atlantic Ocean as we drift off to sleep to the sounds of the surf. All experience levels welcome. *Friday afternoon departure

Up and Coming

NOLS Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Location: Cedar Falls, IA
Dates: Jan. 27 - 28, 2018
Student, University, & Guest: $255

Fast paced and hands-on, this two day course covers a wide range of wilderness medicine topics for people who travel in the outdoors. Whether spending time in the backcountry is your passion or your profession, you should never have to ask, "What do I do now?" During this course, you'll learn how to prepare for the unexpected. WMI's curriculum is unique and includes many advanced topics that other programs leave out such as dislocation reduction, focused spinal assessment and epinephrine administration. In just two days, you'll have the knowledge, skills and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations. This course is ideal for trip leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals in remote locations. WMI's course is pre-approved by organizations including the American Camping Association, the United States Forest Service, and many other governmental agencies. This course does not include CPR. Sign-up in advance as spots are limited!

Skills Clinics

Have you ever wanted to learn a new adventure skill but never had the means? Well come join some of our outdoor skills experts and learn from a pro. We will be offering monthly clinic sets focusing on one of three skills including climbing, kayaking, and outdoor skills. We will also be offering climbing belay clinics weekly and lead climbing clinics by appointment.

Kayak Skills & Roll Clinic

Location: WRC 174
Date: By appointment
Cost: $10

In the kayak skills clinics you will be learning both introductory and advanced skills needed for bombing down the craziest rapids or floating down river on a leisurely paddle. Some skills that will be worked on include stability, strokes, braces, sculling, and the famous kayak roll.

Log Rolling

Location: WRC Lap Pool
Dates: Every Monday (Nov & Dec) | Time: 7 - 9pm
Cost: Free

Log rolling was developed by lumberjacks while guiding logs downriver and is the art of balancing on a floating log. UNI Outdoors will be providing you the opportunity to channel your inner lumberjack in the comfort of the pool. No experience necessary, No pre-registration necessary, just show up and give it a try!

Lead Clinic

Location: WRC 174
Dates: By appointment, Tuesday of every month | Time: 7 - 10pm
University: $15 | Guest: $25

If you are ready to take the next step in climbing, sign up to learn how to lead climb at the UNI climbing wall. This “hands on” clinic will teach you what you need to know to become lead climbing certified at the wall. This clinic will cover the use of quickdraws, clipping techniques, and the proper belay techniques used in lead climbing. Additional times can be arranged.

Belay Clinics

Location: WRC 174
Dates: 2nd & 4th Monday of every month | 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month
Time: 7 - 10pm
University: $15 | Guest: $25

Learn the basics of climbing gear, safety, and belaying on UNI’s climbing wall. This “hands-on” clinic is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become belay certified on the UNI climbing wall. Along with proper belaying techniques, this clinic covers the use of knots, belay devices, and other safety equipment. Additional times can be arranged for groups of 6-12.


If there is an accommodation you need in order to participate in a RS program or activity, please contact WRC 101 at (319) 273-6275.


Human Dignity

We believe that all people, regardless of their differences, should treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. Diversity and individual rights will be honored and respected.